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Online Business @ Home

Terms & Condition

Eligibility Criteria:

  • You will be eligible after sending Advance Registeration Fee Rs. 3500/- non refundable
  • If you are qualified minimum qualified
  • MIM Pakistan Funded and Recommended Candidates will be exempted to Pay Registration Fee.
  • If you have non refundable monthly fee Rs. 2000/- and registration fee Rs. 3500/-
  • If you can pay your cost amount before shipping your order or confirmation finalization your client’s Order
  • If you are ready to pay service charges of packing and rapping Rs.300 for > worth of Rs.12000 order
  • If you can bear your unexpected loss by Daraz Seller which would be resolved by Daraz Seller Helpline by yourself
  • If you are positive mind personality
  • If you can wait Daraz Payment Schedule minimum 15 days
  • If you have trust on Brainee Co., decisions which would be informed you through cell, message or any tool….
  • You may close your shop any time but all the Fees are non refundable
  • If Daraz seller bound you any penalty you are ready to accept that
  • If you have bank account and check book
  • If you have Gmail account
  • If you have whatsapp number

We Can Support:

  • Giving you access of Daraz Shop with minimum 70 Products shipping from Daraz Store Gujranwala
  • We will provide knowledge and updating about your shop
  • We will train you in different events free of cost.
  • We will add you in our new opportunities mutually discussion with you
  • We will provide you more “Paid skills” if you will accept our Tuition Fee
  • We can become any time partner with you in our business determining terms and conditions
  • We will provide you “Discount Card” annual Fee charges applied
  • Discount card might be used in agreement MIM Pakistan Schools, marriage halls, Pharmacies, Medical Labs, Shopping etc…… and more……
  • We can provide you qualified team to supporting your business analysis, budgeting and planning and Import and Export
  • We can provide you facilitation in Chamber of Commerce
  • We can build your business web sites and social networks….. against affordable fees.
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